Cultural vacations

Mother Earth is among our greatest teachers, and when you spend a little time outside the walls of a classroom to discover her world, these cultural vacations will expand your horizons. Take your family on a trip where they can master new skills, delve into historic events and appreciate natural wonders. So on your next vacation, stray away from the normal destinations and instead seek out the stops that will forever leave a memorable impression on you and your family. Turn the world into your classroom.


On Discovery Channel's Dual Survivor, there's plenty of valuable outdoor lessons to glean from these experts. In this video, learn firewood essentials.


When you venture off the unbeaten path for worldly discoveries, take a moment to brush up your wilderness survival skills. Nantahala Outdoor Center in North Carolina provides backcountry advice from a range of knowledgeable professionals — expedition leaders, biology teachers and skills instructors — who will teach you how to be resourceful during your adventures. NOC also offers wilderness medicine training, swiftwater rescue exercises and the nation’s best paddling school. All of these skills classes provide guests with hands-on experiences that immerse them in Nantahala's river culture.


Take a trek to timeless Greece for awe-inspiring archaeological tours. With a reputation for being tiny but mighty, this country is said to be the birthplace of Western civilization. Today, there are more than 100 archaeological sites — public assembly buildings, temples, theaters and markets that capture 5,000 years of history. Underneath Grecian blue skies, picture the ceremonies beneath the towering pillars of Delphi, a sanctuary dedicated to the God Apollo; imagine the excited roar of the crowd at Olympia, home of the ancient Olympic games; or hike to the Acropolis of Athens, another must-visit wonder.


Learn about sustainability in the heart of Kentucky from those who made it their way of life long before the practice became trendy. At Shaker Village Kentucky, discover the art of organic farming. Early in the 18th century, the Pleasant Hill Shakers created a thriving farming community along the Kentucky River. Now, the Shaker’s invaluable knowledge is passed on to each guest so that families can create their own sustainable backyard garden. Learn how to preserve food. Take a herbal health workshop. Enjoy a farm fresh supper. Green thumb or not, you’ll might leave with a little dirt on your hands.


If castle exploration is on your bucket list, get thee to Wales! Great Britain has more castle tours than any other place in Europe, and at last report, at least 600 castles dot the English countryside. Depending on your passion, visit the 11th century Chepstow Castle built high above the River Wye when William the Conqueror was crowned King of England, or try a tour at Cardiff Castle with its fairytale towers and 2,000 years of tales. After learning about each castle’s role in history, plus the personalities who inhabited these beauts, you’ll leave as a castle crusader.