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For the outdoor enthusiast seeking high altitude adventure, Vermejo Park Ranch offers the 4 Peaks in 5 Days Trekking Tour. On this tour, offered June 25 to July 1, 2017, you will ascend four signature Vermejo peaks, over the course of five days. Check in Sunday, June 25th, at noon, for a day of acclimation and rest at your Casa Grande accommodations. Orientation and soft tours will be offered that evening with guided hiking commencing the following day (pre-sunrise departure). You will summit one peak each day of your stay, except rest day, on June 28. On this day, create your own agenda with a relaxing massage, fishing, sporting clays or skeet shooting, horseback rides, historic tours or good old fashioned relaxation. Each evening, return to the ranch for fine dining and rest. Due to the physical nature of this program and the safety of all involved, you must submit a Pre-arrival Hiking History & Health Questionnaire for evaluation and approval prior to making reservations.

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Experience a wonder of nature never before available to the public. The Jornada Bat Cave, a complex of two massive lava tubes, serves as a temporary home to an estimated 1.6 million bats (principally Mexican Free Tail) that emerge each evening at dusk to feed on Ted Turner’s private Armendaris Ranch. This spectacle of nature, which occurs most every evening from approximately June to September, has been compared to the great animal migrations of Africa.

Your expedition departs from either the Sierra Grande Lodge or Ladder Ranch for a six and a half‐hour, round-trip journey to the bat caves. The tour takes you through Ted Turner’s stunning 360,000 acres Armendaris Ranch, allowing you the opportunity to encounter a vast Chihuahuan desert landscape with the possibility of viewing bison, pronghorn, and oryx, as well as other desert‐dwelling animals and birds. Please keep in mind that the bats’ emergence is not on a set schedule. Recent research suggests that they fly when the temperature inside the cave comes into balance with the outside temperature. Soak in the spectacular sunset Armendaris has to offer, while waiting for the bats to emerge for their flight.

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America’s Birthday takes on a new meaning surrounded by pristine wilderness and preserved history. Celebrate Independence Day from Friday, June 30th through Wednesday July 5th and enjoy Vermejo Park Ranch at its finest with live music, lawn games, a mouthwatering Chef’s Grill on the Veranda, and, of course, fireworks. Don’t forget to save time for hiking, mountain biking, kids crafts, scavenger hunts, and afternoon tea on the Casa Grande Terrace. There is no better time than the Fourth of July to escape to Vermejo.

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